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Ilan Delando McDonald
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am June baby with the horoscope Guardian Twins watching over me.
I am in love with the Mystical Arts but also self empowering magic as well.
I following the path of the witch but lend out the hands of a pagan.
I have always been creative in my life, i was inspired by my best friend Starseyah Meade and Michelle kaioh from Sailor Moon.
I love all anime and mangas so if you have any you want to throw at me go ahead.I am currently doing voice acting so look out for me on i am WhiteUsagi!!!!


Nice Place Rob by BIackUsagi
Nice Place Rob
So basically Dick grayson also known as the first robin is suppose to be with the teen titans. Which consist of Kid flash, Aqualad (Garth), and Roy Harper as speedy. so in this photo those three left the teen titans weeks before so they could be admitted to the justice league. which didn't happen if memory serves right episode one. so weeks after being in the team Dick decide to invite Donna Troy over to catch up and show her their new base.

Donna troy: Wow Dick this base is truly amazing ,it must be great to be apart of the justice league huh ?
Dick Grayson: Well not exactly this team and base is more of a training ground to prove we should join the league.
Donna Troy: So do you get missions directly from the league and execute them with the new team ?
Dick Grayson: Yes actually missions are assigned by no other than the batman.
Donna Troy: It must be nice to have a mentor and work alongside them.
Dick Grayson: Well that sorta it , i was wondering if you wanted to join the team.
Donna Troy: Thanks for the offer but with you three being gone someone has the keep the titans going. Plus our enemies are still out there and with me gone as well they could go on rampage.
Dick Grayson:  Well Once a titan always a titan plus our latest mission made Aqualad our leader. So who knows after all of get into the league we can join the titans again and continue on.
Donna Troy: I'd like that and if you ever need wonder girl to help put let me know i will be here in a heartbeat.
Dick Grayson:  And that goes for the young justice team. Hey Superboy Say hi to Wonder Girl.

I Do not own these characters they belong to Dc Comics
All i did was draw wonder girl
Background belongs to Dc Comics and AnnJoanneBlaze  [She great with backgrounds go to her]
CW Wonder Boy or Man by BIackUsagi
CW Wonder Boy or Man


Alias: WonderBoy
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Justice League , Amazons

Secret ID: Zoi
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nationality: Amazon
Current Residence: Watchtower , Floating Island, River Styx
Height: 5,10
Weight: 175
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type:  Long
Skin Color: Dark skinned similar to the green lanterns.
Physical Description: Athletic. 

General Personality:  He is very strong willed and always serious especially when it comes to missions. its very hard for people to get on his good side and impress him. once you get through his wall you find his loving and caring side.

Good Traits: Good leader, Dependable,
Bad Traits: Distant, Non-Friendly,

Quirks: TBH
Hopes: To end this war, to prove his godhood to his father.
Fears: Losing the war, His Mother and sisters deaths, Earth being Enslaved.

Memorable Quote(s): For Earth !!!! May this Light Extinguish your Darkness!!!

Closest Friends:  White Canary, Rex Tyler
Enemies: Thanagarians, League of Assasians, Meta Human Criminals, Time Pirates.
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): White Canary ,

Power(s): Super Strength , Soul Accessing , Light Barrier

PROS: Can tell one's true intentions, Can separate a soul from its host, Can Summon a soul being departed, Can control a soul.
CONS: Leave him Vulnerable. Can work both ways if the opponents know.

POWER/ABILITY 2:Light Barrier
PROS: Can Summon light Force field, Shoot light Beams, Can Blind an Opponent, Can erase memories  or the darkness in one Soul.
CONS: Does not work against Phantoms, Gods.

Weapon(s):  Sword of Souls , Lasso Of Breath
Style: Amazonian, Gods
Strengths:  Can slay and trap
Weaknesses: TBH

This is A Wonder Boy from another universe that is connected to the Cw Series who is my original character. Such as The arrow, The Flash, Dc Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl. In this universe, he is related to wonder woman as her long lost nephew . His mother is the beautiful Nubia the amazonian princess of the floating island. who was created the same day as Diana but was kidnapped by the god of war Ares? later on, she became the guardian of the river Styx where she met the god of light. becoming his lover she eventually gives birth to their son ZoI who contains the blood of a god and amazon. He has the power of light and can access anyone soul /essence. besides being train by his mother he is one warrior you wouldn't want to upset. In legends of tomorrow, he becomes the general of the justice league army against the thanagrarian army.He also appears in the arrow in the flash every now and then but not supergirl. I don't know why ?
Taking up a Hobby by BIackUsagi
Taking up a Hobby
In this photo both Wonder Boy and Talon just join the team a few weeks ago around the same time. finally after all the mission briefings and training these two will be going out on a mission with the originals. Since Wonder Boy has been spending time with beast boy he decided to try the souvenir hobby. So instead of collecting items he rather collect memories with his phone.
Wonder Boy Belongs to Me
Talon Belong to My beautiful friend whitefire33 
Art Style Belongs to Dc Comics
Lets go by BIackUsagi
Lets go
Brandon came to the digital world with some friends to do a search for a friend. apparently the other two was minding their own business in the human world when they got an SOS message saying to come to the digital world. Even though none of them knew what the digital world was they assumed the sos came from their friend who disappeared years ago. they didn't come together but ended up in the same far to Brandon knowledge he is in some world called the digital world. Where he meets a strange creature called gabumon.

Brandon: Who are you 
Gabumon: i am gabumon your digimon
Brandon: A Digimon ?
Gabumon: Digimon Stands for Digital Monsters and from the day of your birth i was made your partner.
Brandon: Partner so that means your going accompany me while im here
Gabumon: Yes
Brandon: Well im looking for a friend who looks just like me have you seen any creatures that looks like me at all here ?
Gabumon: Yes i did i seen one with a patamon not to far away from this location. i would be happy to guide you to them.
Brandon: Alright Gabumon...Is it ? let get a move on.
Thank you to all my watchers and fans for the thousand views. in result i am working on this really good picture to thank you all :)


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